Francesca Sardi – Expert in educational field. The educator as a link between school and Roma family

Franceca Sardi – L’educatore: punto di collegamento tra scuola e famiglia rom



One of our biggest objectives is school inclusion of roma children. The strength on which we continue to work and to emphasize it is the direct involvement of Roma families in the school. Me, as an educator and all of our volunteers, and especially the Roma mediators who work with us every day, we try day after day to build bridges. It’s a difficult job but it is fundamental to teachers to get to meet directly with Roma families and build with them their learning and socialization paths.

All this leads to meaningful results primarily from the point of obtaining a regular basis, a really important goal, not so obvious, that can be seen from the annual statistical data. Secondly, it is essential to create a sense of satisfaction in families who feel more accepted by teachers. Obviously not in all schools there’s a proper level of acceptance: prejudices remain and intolerance is sometimes experienced. To solve this problems we organize seminars, direct talks with Italian families, sometimes with the teachers themselves.

ROMANI: Jekh anda objektiva kaj ame čipisaras katar but berš si o školako inkeripe le romane čhavorengo. Amaro gindo o maj zuralό si e vorta partičipacia tar le romane familije ande škola. Ame –me sar siklarni, sa amare volontarija taj inke romane maškarutne save svako dive keren buti amensa – keras sar jekh purth e školake. Kadja si iekh phari buti: te kurdinen le sičara te araken vorta e romane familije taj te vazden lenca e sičarimaske aktivimata. Kadja buti, savi aktivisardan thaj još aktivisaras, lel bare rezultatura, jekhto soske e čhave aven ande škola ničale; dujto razinel le romane familije save hačaren te e sičara len ažikeren mištό. Numa ande kobor škole si but nasulimata thaj bibardašipe, save ame rinosaras korovane maladimata, mitinge taj vorbi kun le familije italjanicke, le sičara taj o direktori sičarimasko.